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Geez, another Subscription?

We hear you! Yet another ongoing subscription to add to the list.

However, Fantasy Calendar is an open source hobby project maintained by two developers in our free time, and we've made sure the cost is as low as we can get it. Your subscription helps us buy tools and software, pay our bills, and gets you this cool stuff:

What's included

  • Full calendar functionality
  • Unlimited number of calendars
  • User Management

    Users can comment on events and view provided information

  • Calendar co-ownership

    Let others create and comment on events, and control the date

  • Calendar Linking

    Have one parent calendar drive the dates of many others

  • Discord Integration (more info)

    Use your calendars directly within your Discord servers

  • Calendar embedding

    Show off your calendars on your own websites

  • ...and more to come!

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