Build a calendar that fits your world

Whether you're a GM just here to track your Forgotten Realms campaign with a preset calendar, or a fanciful world-builder with 12 moons (Like Eberron's) and zany timekeeping systems to match, we've got you covered.

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Level up your narrative

Timekeeping is the best tool to make your world a living, breathing place that exists around your players. With Fantasy Calendar, you're always ready for the question "How long has it been since...?"

Powerful Calendar Engine

Powerful Calendar Engine

Our flexible calendar engine can accommodate whatever your world needs — intercalaries, leap days, moons cycles, seasons, eras, and more!

Easy to Use

Fantasy Calendar has been lovingly hand-crafted to make sense. With detailed documentation to clear up the more powerful features.

A Labor of Love

We have separate day jobs, and work on Fantasy Calendar in our spare time, because we're building something we want to use! As such, we never plan to stop improving it.

Flexible Engine

Craft a calendar that fits your world

The Gregorian Calendar was made for Earth in its context, why wouldn't your world have its own system of timekeeping?

Create your own months

Earth has 12 months, but who says your world has to? Create as few or many months as you like, for your world! You can even create months that leap, on custom intervals.

Custom weekdays

Whether your weeks are 7 days long like Earth's, a system like Faerûn's "tenday", or even different for every month, Fantasy Calendar can handle it without breaking a sweat.

Powerful leap day system

Create one leap day, create 50! Real-world leap days account for yearly inaccuracy, but with our fully custom interval system you can use them to correct for that zany idea you had, instead.

Hours and minutes

Your world spins slowly, with 28 hours per day and 120 minutes per hour? Done. Then when your players travel for 393 minutes, Fantasy Calendar can do the time math for you.

Detailed weather with custom climates

Don't just run a story, paint a world, with weather that varies realisticially throughout the year. Wow your players with cinematic descriptions of sweltering heat, driving snow, eerie fog, or driving rainstorms - Just create some locations, no weather dice tables required.

Weather for the year

Never lose track of campaign events

When a shopkeep tells your players "I'll see you in a week!", do you know when to follow up? What if it's 6 months? Well, with Fantasy Calendar you can track that in-universe, keeping time down to the hour and minute.

“If you adventurers take care of those threats to our livelihood, we'll build you a keep. It'll take 100 days. Good luck keeping track of that.”

Nimoor Mithtel, leader of the Greycross Dwarves
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Powerful Event Conditions

A better way to schedule in-world events

Character birthdays? Easy. Monthly meeting with the queen? Track it. A moon that turns purple during summer, on Fridays, only when the other two moons are new moons? Yep, you can do that, too.

Ready to get started? Create your free calendar today.

Your players, and your last-minute prepping (or lack thereof) will thank you.

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Still not convinced?

Here are some of our favorite features we haven't even mentioned yet:

Discord Integration

Control your calendar and share it with your players right from Discord, with image preview.

External Embedding

Want to embed your calendar in a website or wiki for your players? Just generate and paste some code.


We plan to stick around, but you can export your calendar data for safekeeping anyway. Or import from Donjon.

Invite players and co-GMs

Want to let your players help track events? Invite them and let them do just that.

Calendar linking

Have different calendars for different planets/societies? Keep them in sync, automatically.

Random Generation

Some of the best plot hooks and NPCs we've seen were randomly generated. Why not a calendar, too?

Eras and Cycles

Have your own Zodiac? Count years since the last king, or since "The Calamity"? Track those, too.

Detailed Documentation

Creating a calendar is complicated stuff, so we've written down as much help as we could.